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Developing omni-prefix names for the attributes of God and an illustration, believers understand connections between who God is and Christ likeness.


Be Thou My Vision Series: God’s Glory Transforming the Christian Life Project Plan

My goals, Lord willing, are to write a Be Thou My Vision series of connected works specifically for Chinese translation. The first book called Foundations: God’s Glory as an Integrating Perspective on Reformed Theology explains the theme of God’s glory specifically using eight summary attributes of God as an octo-perspectival approach that helps us integrate Reformed theology (see English page for 1st draft, downloadable PDF). The Application Books section that follow envision either booklet or book length coverage of many practical topics of the Christian life using these eight attributes of God perspectives, in answer to what David Powlison proposes, that we need a "Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of systematic pastoral practice." I have linked my project with the Westminster Standards and with suggested readings from Wilhelmus a Brakel's A Christian's Reasonable Service  (available in public domain in English, but recently translated into simplified Chinese and available in both free digital and printed forms). The Foundations book is completed and it will soon be translated to Chinese to provide a basic doctrinal training package for Chinese church co-workers that show how to link Reformed theological foundations with numerous practical Christian life topics. To that Foundations book I plan to add a Prezi presentation organized around the master illustration and professional quality video recordings using the Prezi and a Prezi related workbook. I plan to upload Foundations to for use in the freeware E-Sword since I have so many Bible verse references that can appear as pop-up verse links in that program. Then Application Books will follow, each with a brief theological introduction summarizing the Foundations material, followed by the content of that topic and using the same process and tools above to make it teachable and available for Chinese ministry training.    ​​

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to look through your new book. I don’t have time to go through it in detail or to develop a line-by-line critique, but in general I think you have done a fine job. I would certainly encourage its publication at some point. I think you have a good grasp of biblical principles of parenting, the doctrine of God, and the parallels between God’s attributes and his image—in mankind and specifically in parents. Your theological structure is accurate to Scripture and innovative in a good way, a way likely to lead to more insight. Your development of octoperspectivalism blows me away. And I have no problem with adjustments to the traditional incommunicable/communicable scheme. . . . I’m pleased to observe the abilities of the next generation including yourself, and their (your) desires for godliness.” 

- Dr. John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology &  Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL


God's Attributes