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For devotional theological study, there are several free downloadable versions of A Christian's Reasonable Service by Wilhelmus a Brakel (E-Sword version is easier to use)

RKD Summary Catechisms

Q. 1: Elect believer, what do you believe about the Dominion of the Righteous Lord (DRL)?

A. 1: That the righteous triune Lord has graciously given his self-breathed Scripture for establishing his dominion of righteousness on the earth among mankind: to us for revealing his righteous election, and in his time, in us teaching us to pray with saving faith by the Spirit, uniting us to Christ, the righteous Savior-Lord-King, to know our unrighteousness unto repentance for forgiveness of our sins by the propitiation of his cross and applying the dominion of his righteousness to us by Christ’s resurrection, credited in justification, written on the heart for daily sanctification, joining us to his righteous assembly to bless us with edifying gifts, and to enduring hope in the finalization of his kingdom by bringing us body and soul into his newly prepared creation, the home of righteousness and representing, sealing and applying these truths by the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper; to others, by the mystery of his sovereign will, these same means are used to provoke his enemies’ unrighteousness, to blind and harden them unto religious pluralism, laziness, worldly wealth, cares of this world, fear of those who can kill the body, ignorance, superstition, idol worship, false religion, atheism, humanism, national and political pride, hatred and persecution, passing them by and leaving them in their sins, providing for their physical needs, administering temporal judgments, patiently enduring until he finally executes his unrestrained, eternal wrath in his prepared hell, and representing his judgment by barring them from profaning the sacraments.

​Q. 2: What do you believe about practical theology (biblical counseling, preaching apologetics, evangelism, Christian education, worship)?

A. 2: That all last days practical theology is the Father-decreed ministry of the risen Lord Jesus Christ to Spirit-indwell and send his linguistically and culturally adapted ambassadors to exemplify, intercede, respectfully proclaim and skillfully administrate the past, present and promised dominion of the Righteous Lord by the unified, supra-morality and symphonic lex Christi (law of Christ) in their realms (heavenly & earthly) and places (assembly, creation, diaspora) to their subjects using six “R” methods (6Rs) of redemptive engagement: research to accurately reckon, choosing appropriate ways to build up the subject (reassure, reform and remove) in such a way that the engagement is received by the subjects with the intended results. 

Symphonic Attributes perspective on Lex Christi DRL6R's


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