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God's Attributes

Be Thou My Vision Series: God’s Glory Transforming the Christian Life

My goals, Lord willing, are to write a Be Thou My Vision series of connected works specifically for Chinese translation. The first book called Foundations: God’s Glory as an Integrating Perspective on Reformed Theology explains the theme of God’s glory specifically using eight summary attributes of God as an octo-perspectival approach that helps us integrate Reformed theology (see English page for link to finished book in PDF). In answer to what the late David Powlison proposed, that we need a "Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of systematic pastoral practice," based on structural patterns initially observed in the Westminster Confession and developed in my Foundations book, I have completed a PhD thesis in Theology-Apologetics (2021, NorthWest University, South Africa) expanding on those structural patterns. In this PhD I show how the Westminster Standards reveal another structural integrating pattern using the motif of "righteousness" defined by the moral law, which I've named lex Christi, Latin for "the law of Christ". In this work I develop latent attributes names for God that connect more obviously with each commandment. In this way, I hope to guide readers to see more connections between the doctrine of God and the righteousness of Christ, accomplished, imputed and applied by writing his law on our hearts. This revisits Westminster Larger Catechism's much neglected way of organizing all practical theology under a moral law rubric combined with a new definition of practical theology. To read the PhD thesis, click the green link below. Also a blog on my publishing website https://www.unveiledfacesreformedpress.net/reflectionsofglory      ​​


Developing new names for the attributes of God and an illustration, so believers understand connections between who God is and Christ's likeness.





“Thanks so much for the opportunity to look through your Foundations book. I don’t have time to go through it in detail or to develop a line-by-line critique, but in general I think you have done a fine job. I would certainly encourage its publication at some point. I think you have a good grasp of biblical principles of parenting, the doctrine of God, and the parallels between God’s attributes and his image—in mankind and specifically in parents. Your theological structure is accurate to Scripture and innovative in a good way, a way likely to lead to more insight. Your development of octo-perspectivalism blows me away. And I have no problem with adjustments to the traditional incommunicable/communicable scheme. . . . I’m pleased to observe the abilities of the next generation including yourself, and their (your) desires for godliness.” 

- Dr. John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology &  Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL